Strandbu Camping is situated by the idyllic Skibotn-river in Storfjord municipality. You will find a map over Norge/Troms/Storfjord here The nearest town is Tromsø. The distance to Finland boarder is 40 km (24,85 miles).  The most popular execution goal is Treriksrøysa, where the three countries meet.



From north

If you come from Northcape/Alta by car, you can turn right in the crossing after the church in Skibotn.

Drive about 2 km (1,24 miles) and turn right again before a small bridge.


From south

Coming from Tromsø/Narvik you turn left 200 m after the crossing to Finland.


From east

You can choose to go right against Alta and then turn left against Tromsø. Drive about 400m and turn right by our signboard.



WGS 84:N 69° 22.669', E 20° 16.094'

WGS 84 - desimal:69.37781, 20.26823

EUREF89:7737220, 940766