Welcome to Strandbu Camping, Skibotn - Norway


We have cabins from 675 to 1350 NOK. Open all year!
Please contact us for more informasion



BRAND NEW Mountain bike TRAIL GUIDE for the Lyngenfjord region available!



Fantastic destination for Mountain biking.  


Photo: Visit Lyngenfjord 



Strong Aurora at the campsite 4. February 2019

Taken with a cellphone! by Jarle Nilsen 



Nice aurora 12th September 2014. Taken with an old Canon 350D. 

Aurora2 Nordlys september 2014

Photo: Stein-Are, Strandbu 


Nice Aurora at Strandbu camping.


Photo: Esdras Neto

Visit Lyngenfjord


26.01.2014: Winter folder Strandbu.   

December 2013: Member in Visit Lyngenfjord. More information at www.visit-lyngenfjord.com  

1.4.12:  Strandbuposten nr 2-2012.

13.3.12: Strandbuposten nr 1-2012. 


09.12.2011: We arrange Dog Sledding Trips together with Tomas. Groups from 2-7 persons.

Take contact and we plan your stay. Every group will have a special experience together

with the dogs in the beautiful Skibotn Valley. The trip can vary from some hours to several days!

Eat outside. Experience Northern Lights / Aurora. Sleep in cabins on campsite in Skibotn.

Relax in traditional sauna. Enjoy :)



11.11.11: New WiFi antenna with high speed internet on campsite. Free for our guests.


Strandbu post 2-2011: Link


June 2011: Fishing licence to the Skibotnriver for rent at campsite


2011: Region Arctica is today a both a project and a tourism region. The project has been initiated by municipalities and tourism companies from Finland, Sweden and Norway.Link


June 2008: New pictures from our guest Carl-Steinar Jenssen. Vis album


October 2007: Pictures from our guest Carl-Steinar Jenssen. See album


April 2006: New pictures in our album.



Sommer Inge and Andreas with two great salmons from the Skibotnriver. Fossefall

The weather in Skibotn is greate for a walk in the nature. This picture is from a walk just half an hour from E8.