Dog Sledding Trips



We arrange Dog Sledding Trips together with Tomas. Groups from 2-7 persons.

Take contact and we plan your stay. Every group will have a special experience together

with the dogs in the beautiful Skibotn Valley. The trip can vary from some hours to several days!

Eat outside. Experience Northern Lights / Aurora. Sleep in cabins on campsite in Skibotn.

Relax in traditional sauna. Enjoy :)


Experience Northern Lights / Aurora


 Hundekjøring i nydelig natur




  • Fishing in river, sea or lake

There are many option for nice fishingtrips in the area.


 Here fishing cod on Lyngenfjord.



Fishing cod on Ramfjord wintertime.

Isfiske fjord



 Two happy girls with Grayling and Arctic char on a lake in the high mountains.   


  • Sauna

We have two saunas. One by the river and one in the main building. You can swim in the river or bath in the snow when you are to hot :)  




  • Hot Tub

New Hot Tub with beutiful view to Skibotnriver. 

Hot tub for 1-6 persons by the river. Fresh water every day. Relax and enjoy in 40 degree Celsius. Swim in the cold river. Book the tub 6 hours before you want it. The price is 1700 NOK for 2 hours and include sauna by the river.






  • Barbecue House

Nice secluded location and room for 14 to 16 adults. Can be rented for events or a nice family barbecue until 11 pm every day. Rent: NOK 400 for 2 hours and NOK 100 per additional hour bayond this.  





  • Canoe paddle in the river
  • Mountain paths
    • 12 km (7,46 miles) to Bohlmannsveien built by Russians prisoners of war leads to the strong German fortification at Falsnesfjell, with a good view of Skibotn.




    • ”Lulledalen skogssti” is about 2,5 km (1,55 miles) long and leads through very old forest. Statistics show that Skibotn has the highest number of clear days in Northern-Europe. This natural phenomenon makes it possible to find rare plants and wild berries in the very rich nature.
  • Norways biggest telescope is situated in the observatory in Skibotn.
  • Fishing in the river or in the sea.
    • If you want to try for seafishing you can fish from the rock faces with rod and spinning bait.

Camera with view over Storfjord and Skibotn here.